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About Us


Fong Ser, from the home of Anoectochilus—Fujian Province in China, is series brand product of Xiamen Shu yuan tang Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Fong ser follows the traditional cultivation and processing techniques of Anoectochilus, and has an Anoectochilus-exclusive tissue cultivation base. Our company focuses on ecological acclimation of Anoectochilus roxburghii planting, and selecting quality seedlings from Fujian Province for cultivation. The base is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province with a nearly 10,000 square meters workshop, growing about 120 million plants annually with annual output value of RMB 50 million. We adopt advanced and scientific monitoring & controlling technology to realize whole-course aseptic inoculation and soilless cultivation all in nutrient medium, and ensure that no pesticide residue and free from heavy metals and hormone. In addition, the company has 100 acres of cultivation base, and plans to invest RMB 250 million in construction of an intelligent temperature-controlled greenhouse covering over 50,000 square meters, having the annual production ability of 1 billion plants. As an active and sustained supporter of the local government’s encouragement and advocacy, the company strives to develop forest eco economy in cooperation with villagers from Dehua County in 2014. Having 20,000 acres of ecological bionics wild forest, the company promotes job creation and increases income in the field of agriculture and forestry through provision of seedlings, technology and training for agriculture and forestry and comprehensive development of forest.

 We keep “inherit Chinese healthcare culture, bring good fortune that comes with Fong ser” as the spirit of our company, our product variety is continually expanded, covering pointed leaves, round leaves, big leaves and even the large-scale bionics wild cultivation. Our product development team carries out a whole follow-up to the cultivation process to ensure reliable quality of every Fong ser product by implementing modern quality system. At present, products are dried product of 100 percent pure Anoectochilus roxburghii, tea drink with pure Anoectochilus, fresh tea leaves of Anoectochilus, etc.. We insist on the “professionalism and integrity” principle through the whole process from R&D, cultivation, processing and sales to after-sales service to bring more reliable series products of Anoectochilus and Dendrobium to all our consumers.

  Fong ser Vision

To be a promoter of Anoectochilus culture and traditional Chinese healthcare culture

 Fong ser Mission

Let Anoectochilus with regional mystery grow familiar to more people, and make contribution to the development of traditional Chinese healthcare culture and for the health and welfare of people